IBECS®: The Ultimate in Plant Control Integration

IBECS® is CSE Engineering’s name for the ultimate in plant controls integration. The heart of this product is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) that is used to collect and display data from many different sources in a consistent and easy to use fashion.

CSE’s IBECS® design is a way to integrate a wide variety of legacy and newer devices into a plant-wide system that provides state-of-art data display, control and analysis features. IBECS provides a plant operator with a dependable system that makes maximum use of existing equipment and gives the latest HMI features.

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Project Portfolio

  • MKIV CRT Replacement Project

    MKIV CRT Replacement Project
  • Duct Burner PLC Replacement

    Duct Burner PLC Replacement
  • Plant Outage Upgrades and AREP

    Plant Outage Upgrades and AREP