• Craig Corzine

    Craig Corzine

    President and Chairman | Controls Specialist

    Mr. Corzine is the President and founder, Chairman of the Board, and Principal Controls Engineer of CSE Engineering, Inc. He holds a BS degree from Central New England College. As a former employee of GE Power Generation Service Department, he has 30+ years experience with all types of GE Mark I thru VIe control systems, GE Heavy Duty and Aeroderivative gas turbines.

  • Kris-Ellen Corzine

    Kris-Ellen Corzine

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Corzine is CSE’s majority stockholder, corporate secretary and CFO. She holds a BS degree in finance from Nichols College in Dudley, Ma. As a former employee of Wachovia, she has experience in the secured lending arena of corporate banking.

  • Steve Morton

    Steve Morton

    Vice President/General Manager | Controls Engineer

    Mr. Morton has 25+ years of experience in power plant operations and maintenance. As a former Facilities Manager and Lead Technician, he has an in-depth knowledge of day to day operations, regulatory requirements, and project management. He is also a US Navy Veteran -GSMC(SW).

  • Michael Keehn

    Michael Keehn

    Senior Controls Engineer

    Mr. Keehn is a control system engineer with substantial knowledge of computational equipment. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Naval Academy, studying specifically artificial intelligence, robotics, and networking; His experience in power generation started when he was a Submarine Officer and has continued through a number of turbine control system designs, first with Solar Turbines Inc., and now with CSE Engineering Inc.


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