Duct Burner PLC Replacement

Duct Burner PLC Replacement

Duct Burner PLC Replacement

The original Burner Management System at Cardinal Cogen was originally supplied by Coen in 1985. The system used a GE Series 6 programmable logic controller (PLC) for sequencing and control. In 2004 it was decided to replace the obsolete Series 6 PLC with a new GE 90-30 PLC. A picture of the old system is shown below.

Old Duct Burner GE Series 6 PLC

CSE Engineering Inc. designed the new system to be an exact replacement for the original system, using the same terminal designations and logic. The PLC was assembled on a sub-panel with all panel wiring completed and tested at CSE’s office.

At the beginning of the facility’s annual shutdown, the old panel was removed and the new one installed. Field terminations were landed on the new panel’s terminals using the same wiring designations as the old system. A picture of the installed new system is shown below.

New Duct Burner GE 90-30 PLC

Although the new system was intended to be an exact replacement for the old system, it nevertheless provided additional features not available in the old system. Some of these features are:

• Ethernet communication allowing remote monitoring and programming;
• Redundant power supplies;
• Monitoring of flame scanner intensity.

To improve operation, CSE also provided a graphic interface at the operator’s console based on CSE’s IBECS platform. This graphic provides a clear picture of the burner status and helps the operator to quickly identify potential problems. A copy of the graphic interface is shown below.

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