“For me, CSE’s IBECS® is a stable and reliable system with a suite of trending capabilities that make routine maintenance and troubleshooting problems at my plant easy. But if I do have an issue I can’t solve, CSE’s support is second to none.”  – Mark Battaglia (Mk IV)


“In short, the contribution [CSE] made during the startup of the Mark V System, as well as the operator training, was invaluable. We also know the operations personnel at the plant are extremely comfortable working with [CSE personnel]. That CSE provides timely response to issues and or questions raised by plant personnel provides further catalyst towards our continued relationship with CSE. 

In addition, [CSE] provided training to the operations staff at the plant. From all reports, this training process was an overwhelming success.

We sincerely appreciate CSE’s efforts in supporting our effort to upgrade to the new Mark V control system, have genuinely enjoyed working with everyone at CSE, and look forward to working with CSE in the future.”  – Tom Murphy (Mk V)


“The technicians are more confident in their troubleshooting ability, as well as in their ability to perform routine checks of the control systems. There have been several occasions where technicians have immediately gone to the root cause of the problem.”  – Frank Maggio (Mk IV)


“CSE Engineering has provided invaluable service to the Gaylord Container California Mill. As part of a reliability and availability service agreement, CSE ensures proactive service and troubleshooting expertise. Coupled with quick response to issues, they have helped maintain a high level of availability for our power plant. 

They have also provided turnkey controls upgrade services as part of a major capital project. In large part, the success of this capital project is directly attributed to the CSE project team. 

CSE Engineering provides solid power generation control services.”  – Jeff Yoder (Mk V)


“CSE Engineering is our controls specialist. There are a lot of reasons for this. We have had a long relationship with CSE and they have proven to be here when they are needed, their response time is excellent, day or night, which the OEM cannot compete with, they do quality work and they are real professionals.”  – Dave Pearson (Mk IV)


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